Overview and Recent Projects

LSAMP Institute
2013 LSAMP students, mentors, and COSEE-TEK staff after an exciting oceanographic cruise aboard Project Oceanology’s research vessel Envirolab II.

Not only do NURTEC’s underwater technologies generate new oceanographic data and insights for scientists and resource managers, they also provide a window into the sea that engages learners of all ages.  These technologies immerse students, teachers and the general public into our watery world, with all of its beauty, complexity, fragility and challenges.  For 25 years NURTEC leveraged these technologies to develop formal and informal educational programs and products that bring the ocean and Great Lakes into classrooms and living rooms.


For five years NURTEC hosted a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) with a focus on technology and engineering for knowledge (TEK).  COSEE-TEK’s mission was to innovate and adapt approaches to improve the quality, availability, and impact of ocean science education by linking science, technology, and engineering to catalyze learning and communication of STEM topics for teachers, students, scientists, and the public. Click here for more information on COSEE-TEK. The following provide snapshots of some of these programs.


The Center is collaborating with the University of Rhode Island on another NSF Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) project called MaTT – Marine Technologies for Teachers and Students.  MaTTS utilizes many of the simple ocean technologies modified or developed by COSEE-TEK to engage students and provide teachers unique hands-on resources and activities to bring the ocean into the classroom.  Click here for more information on MaTTS.