Educational Resources

NURTEC has led the development and implementation of several educational programs that both showcase and utilize ocean technologies as the primary driver for ocean science education including the decades-long Aquanaut Program, the innovative Classroom of the Sea, the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence – Technology and Engineering for Knowledge (COSEE-TEK), and most recently Marine Technologies for Teachers and Students (MaTTS).  Each of these programs has developed educational resources for students and teachers beyond those who had the opportunity to participate in the program activities directly.  These resources are primarily instructional guides for the various ocean technologies that NURTEC has either significantly modified from previous versions or developed de novo.  Below are links to these resources:

COSEE TEK Simple Hydrophone Material List and Fabrication Instructions (V4.2 – 7-7-2016)

Instructional Video on Building Your Own Hydrophone

COSEE TEK Underwater Camera Material List & Fabrication Instructions (V1d – 7-6-2016)

COSEE TEK VIRTUE Settlement Array Material List and Fabrication Instructions (V1 – 7-12-2016)