Enabling Research & Discovery

K2 Quiver SamplerThe NURTEC Research Program has evolved over the past few years, with an increase in the number of research projects supported using the Center’s underwater technologies and a decrease in the number of Center-directed projects.  This is a reflection of the Center’s move towards a cost-center model, which was officially recognized by the University of Connecticut in July, 2013.  Since 2o10,  the Center has supported 13 oceanographic expeditions that utilized three distinct technologies (the ROV’s Kraken2 and Hela and the towed imaging system ISIS2) working off six different research vessels (RVs Connecticut and Brooks-McCall, NOAA ships Nancy Foster, Loosanoff and MacArthur2 and MV Argo) and covering a range of research themes.  Click here to view the project map.

The Center’s résumé of late illustrates the high degree of flexibility gained in working from a range of support ships, as well as the capacity to mobilize its systems across the nation and internationally.  Our team of team of technicians and pilots take pride in working closely with the science team to modify and/or develop scientific sampling platforms to meet the needs of evolving research objectives.